We have received many notes over the years and wanted to share some with you. Thank you to everyone involved in supporting MiM which has left lasting impressions and deepening ties within our community!

October 2019 – Youth detained at Juvenile Hall: I just wanted to say thank you very much. I’ve been here for a year and two months, and every time you come with your group it brought me peace, relaxation and the most important thing is it relieved my stress.┬áI personally think that your program can help a lot of people by helping them cope with their stress by playing the peaceful songs you guys bring in. Also it is important to have learned about other types of music and I will not forget it. Thank you for coming in, for your time.

October 2019 – Youth detained at Juvenile Hall: I’ve really enjoyed your Music in May program. It’s always a good experience whenever you come up here. I’m sure it’s hard work getting all those other musicians to come up here and I want you to know we really appreciate all the hard work you be putting into it. You always give me something to look forward to because to be honest this place is really boring. I hope you come again soon. You’ve been coming here since I got here and I’ve been here a year and a half and every time has been fun. I remember the first time I saw you guys play it was cool and different, it was kind of surprising. And that time you called us up to put the musical notes in order on the little board. And you guys tried to figure out how to play it. And I think the next time you guys came you told us to request songs and then you guys would come back and try and play them for us. Last time you came you said you were trying to take music to some other country. I think that’s amazing and I wish you the best of luck with that. Again thank you for everything and I hope to see you again soon.

October 2019 – Youth detained at Juvenile Hall: I appreciate you coming down in your free time with different musicians. I was happy I got a chance to listen to your guys’ music when not everybody gets that opportunity. I feel lucky so thank you so much ­čÖé Please come more often.

Spring┬á2019 – Jenae Silvestri, Teacher: Today was such an uplifting experience for my students to interact with classical music! My classroom is on the Brook Knoll campus in Scotts Valley and is managed by the County Special Education Team. ┬áThis team has been a great support to our severely handicapped classroom of 8 students 3rd-5th┬ágrade. Our student population needs are so great that it is often hard for us to get out into the community, ┬áMusic in May has been wonderful working with our schedule to come to us. ┬áSeeing a whole new world open up for these children has been priceless. ┬áMany have never seen or heard instruments played live before. Watching the classroom dynamic change in such a drastic positive manner has been really special. We are so thankful for Music in May!

Spring 2019 – Laura Feistel, Teacher at Hall Elementary in Watsonville: We hardly have any programs or assemblies – only those that are free. We DO have a part-time band teacher now and instruments have been pulled out of storage (3-5 grades). I play classical music for my students when they take math tests and sometimes during writing – but I would say there are only a handful of us who expose the kids to classical music and most of the kids have no other exposure to it. Thanks so much for coming to Hall again. I loved the curriculum you sent so that I could prepare my students better!

May 2017 – Jenny Johnston, high school senior: In the simplest terms, this performance made me realize the purpose of music more profoundly than ever before. I remembered some beautiful experiences I didn’t realize I had buried in the back of my mind, and it brought tears to my eyes.┬áThank you all so much.

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