New Music at Mim

2018 Season

For its 11th anniversary, Mim honored violinist David Arben with a new work by Polina Nazaykinskaya. To mark his passing [Philadelphia Inquirer article] and commemorate the one year anniversary of his death, Mim commissioned and premiered a new solo violin work, “Hope”, by Ms. Nazaykinskaya.

2017 Season [10th Anniversary]

In celebration of Mim’s 10th Anniversary, a new work was commissioned inspired by Schoenberg’s most important early work, Verklarte Nacht, based on the poem by Dehmel. As Schoenberg, TJ Cole composed a string sextet. Her composition was inspired by the words in the poem by Anika Narayanan, “this is not a love letter.”

2016 Season

In 2012, Mim featured a world premiere by Polina Nazaykinskaya. For our 9th season on May 20th, Rebecca Jackson and Jonah Kim presented the US Premiere of Nazaykinskaya’s recent work, “Yesterday Is No More” for violin and cello.

2014 Season


Our 7th season brought back Jose Gonzalez Granero, principal clarinet of the San Francisco Opera, for an encore performance.  A significant artistic contributor to Mim 2012, in 2014 he joined us by writing his first string quartet, revealing another stellar dimension to his long list of talents. Watch a VIDEO of the live world premiere at Music in May.


2012 Season

In 2012, Mim featured a world premiere by Polina Nazaykinskaya. This piece, Haim, is inspired by the miraculous life of David Arben, former associate concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Holocaust survivor. Since its premiere this emotionally gripping work has been performed at Yale and several east coast cities, many times with David Arben in attendance.

2011 Season

In 2011, Emmy Award Winning composer John Wineglass added a new dimension to our festival; our very first world premiere! His 1st piano trio in memory of late Princess Diana was a grand highlight of our programs.

Working on Wineglass’s piano trio was  extremely gratifying. Amy, Danielle and I had fun exploring and “breathing life” into John’s latest work. From the opening chord “Con sordino” that I play with Danielle I felt possessed by grief and horror at such loss of life. After the ugliness of “The Mystery” (mvt I) and the relentless motor that led to her death in “The Chase” (mvt II), as images of Princess Diana entered my mind, I was nearly moved to tears in the beauty of her lament (mvt III). Lilly, who page turned for Amy reported seeing tears in people’s eyes. A standing ovation confirmed the electric charge was felt throughout the venue.

One highlight during our outreach was when we asked the kids to describe what they thought “living composer John Wineglass” was thinking about as he composed the middle movement of his piano trio. The first child I called on at Westlake said, “It reminds me of a car chase from an old Italian film.” The movement is entitled “The Chase” and depicts the car chase that led to Princess Di’s death. We purposely avoided the morbid aspect of the topic in front of the children but were blown away by the intelligence and creative minds that the kids possess!